Partner Program

Earn commissions all paid on a residual bases by representing products every company needs!

AEON has developed a unique partner program designed for dealers who want to enter the lucrative telecommunications field but lack previous telecom experience.  This program allows dealers to begin selling, earning revenue, commissions, and overrides immediately.

As an AEON partner, dealers now represent and can sell AEON’s entire product catalog which spans over 100 product categories.

Become a Partner Today!

How it works
After years of research and development, AEON has created the Wow BoxSelling Method™ which allows AEON partners to begin conducting sales appointments immediately.  Each partner simply schedules an AEON meeting, and then goes to the meeting, plugs in the Wow Box, and is joined by one of our in-house certified sales professionals operating out of our studios.  The Certified Sales Professional – CSP conducts the entire meeting positioning the partner as a trusted advisor.

The CSP uses the following selling method:
Educate – The CSP takes 5-10 minutes to provide an overview of AEON’s cutting edge products and solutions.

Question and Understand – Next the CSP conducts a thorough needs analysis determining all of the many areas AEON can help.

Implement – The next step in the selling process is to discuss the product implementation strategy or agree on next closing steps.

Proposal – The CSP then prints out directly over the Wow Box a proposal for the customer to sign.That’s it!  AEON handles the entire implementation process for you including installation, billing, and paying your commissions!

Why Join?

  1. Market Leadership – No one has a catalog as comprehensive and cutting edge as AEON’s.  As a leading unified communications provider, AEON is committed to only growing business through its partners.  The sole focus of all in-house certified sales professionals, marketing, and customer service is to support AEON partners.
  2. Simple and Easy – Learn while you Earn! Thanks to the Wow Box selling method, all AEON partners have a trained and certified sales professional with them on every call.  Each sales professional operates out of a state of the art studio equipped with teleprompter and scripted presentations.  This means that the information presented in every appointment is uniform, and from frequent exposure to this product information, the AEON partner continues to grow in knowledge.
  3. Fast Start Program – AEON is committed to your success.  Once you join the AEON partner program you will take part in three 45 minute webinars.  During these webinars you will learn sufficient product information and strategies to get appointments.   All partners will also be provided with business cards, marketing materials in the form of sell sheets, video advertisements, and promotions.  Plus, your very own Wow Box which is essentially your vehicle to success.
  4. Business Differentiator – Thanks to the power of the AEON product line and the Wow Box, AEON partners are always a step ahead of the competition.
  5. Business Support – AEON is your true partner and rewards you as you grow your business.

Benefits of joining the AEON Partner Program Now!

The AEON Partner Program was created with Dealers in mind.  Expand the reach of your current enterprise by partnering with AEON and enjoying the following benefits:

Sell Telecommunications and Communications Solutions.  Whether you currently sell printers, software, payment processing, copiers, payroll, network IT, accounting, financial services, office furniture…or any other type of necessary business solution, everyone needs telephone service and AEON’s catalog of solutions complements every offering.

For example:  As a professional you already have a network of customers, and each week you are adding more and more prospective customers to your network.  Now you can proliferate sales to these companies and maximize these relationships by selling them necessary Telecommunications and Communications solutions.

Create new pathways to the very important top officer at your target company.  With over 100 product categories, customers can only say “yes” to meet with us.  Switch the equation around and use your AEON business as the lead to get the meeting and then sell both, your solutions and ours.

Here are a partial list of prospecting questions leading to a reason to meet:
Who is monitoring your network, website, and internet to prevent hacking, and cybercrime? (Solution:  Vigilance)
When was the last time you audited – verified, validated, and authenticated – your total telecom expense? (Solution: ValuBill)
With technology improving and telecom costs declining, what are some of the ways your current provider has presented to decrease your expenses? (Solution: Aeon Voip, Valubill, Unified platform)
How many communication expenses does your company pay each month? (Solution: AEON’s Unified Platform)

Here are some value statements:
Let us show you how you can save money on your telephone, long distance, 800 numbers, and internet?
Let us save your company money on energy.
If you have customer information on your network we can prevent it from ever being stolen.
Reduce travel with video conferencing.

We can show you how to increase sales, drive revenue by tying our digital advertising with your company’s POS system.
Earn significant ongoing income through sales and overrides.  With average sales ranging from $20,000-$30,000 per company , per year; and monthly bills averaging $800-$1200, the telecommunications industry represents a very lucrative industry, one where residual income checks continue to be paid to our partners for years and years in perpetuity.*If you own or manage a dealer network, you can earn additional overrides by managing your own team of AEON partners.

Become a Partner Today!