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The Unlimited Residual Income Franchise Opportunity

  • Low Investment
  • Low Overhead
  • No Inventory
  • Recession Resistant
  • No Experience Necessary

Most businesses assume their existing supplier is the only option for service improvements, cost savings and advice.
At AEON – We Do It All!

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With AEON, the “Sky is the limit” when it comes to earning potential.

AEON is one of the world leaders for telecom solutions offering unparalleled income potential in the $1.4 trillion telecommunications industry. AEON is a dominant single source leader offering a compelling value proposition to small, medium and enterprise businesses with an offering of over 100 products and services. Our franchisees save their clients money in numerous cost categories:

  • Phone Service
  • Internet Service
  • Cell Phone Service
  • Data Networks/Infrastructure
  • Hosted Cloud Based Services
  • And many more

The relationship with our telecom suppliers gives us tremendous influence to identify and deliver competitively advantageous solutions to our clients. We work with clients initially to include a three-year commitment for services. Our primary services include but are not limited to:

  • Expense reduction
  • Technology review and update
  • Expense management
  • Carrier relationship management

Our concept is dynamic and HUGE.

We offer a one-source solution for our clients telecom needs with over 100 products and services including groundbreaking solutions not offered by other providers.

  • The telecommunications market, made up primarily of landline and wireless services, is a $1.4 trillion opportunity.
  • In 2016, the number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated to reach 207.2 million.
  • As of January 2016, there were approximately 282 million total Internet users in the United States.

The AEON Difference

  • One source solution for all telecom service needs – no other company can compete with AEON’s product and service offering!
  • Low overhead and tremendous recurrent earnings potential
  • Team of experts, drawing from all telecom disciplines
  • Successful Ongoing Support Systems – Sales, training, customer service, technical support
  • Strong supplier relationships
  • Expertise in every significant cost category
  • Collections and quick income disbursement to all parties
  • Proprietary analytics methodologies
  • Comprehensive training and mentoring program
  • Protected prospect list
  • Franchise can hire employees or subcontractors

Candidate Profile

  • Sales and Marketing Background
  • Some consulting experience
  • Management Experience
  • Strong networkers
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Comfortable with basic computer tools

Investment Benefits

  • Long-term, residual income
  • High earning potential
  • Low investment
  • Low royalties
  • Recession resistant
  • No employees necessary unless you desire to scale
  • Customer service oriented
  • No receivables, not a transactional business

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Home office based or small office if preferred
  • Flexible, lifestyle business
  • Work with professionals (Business to Business)
  • Able to put work-life balance into your business
  • No telecom industry experience needed


Your main competition is other telecommunication wholesalers, the retail stores and regional service providers. You can also sell AEON products in a retail store. A retail store can offer exclusive AEON products or you can add AEON products to another line of telecommunication options.

Buyout Options for the Franchise

A buyout, results in a sale or transfer of ownership of the franchised business. The buyout provision should provide a mechanism by which AEON can exercise its right to purchase the franchised business, such as an option or right of first refusal. Below is a time frame within which the franchiser can purchase a franchisee's book of business, and what they can potentially gain from the sale. AEON retains the right, pursuant to the franchise agreement, to withhold its approval of a third party purchaser selected by the franchisee. The franchisee has the right to pursue another AEON franchisee to buyout their business or any other third party purchaser.

10 yr. cash out 15 yr. cash out 20 yr. cash out
10k revenue growth per month
1.2m Total MRC. Can be sold for 1.2m*
10k revenue growth per month
1.8m Total MRC. Can be sold for 1.8m*
10k revenue growth per month
2.4m Total MRC. Can be sold for 2.4m*

*Projected growth and equity is for example only.

Financial Terms

Cash Investment Total Investment Royalty Fee Ad Fee
$50,000 $50k None None

Training & Support

AEON offers a comprehensive training and support program. Utilizing the best of AEON’S combined experience, gained from decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, our training program will empower you with the strategies, techniques and knowledge to sign clients for residual income.

  • Initial Training includes 20 Hours Online Webinars
  • Three Days Training at Corporate Office
  • 2 Weeks One to One coaching/mentoring with VP Sales
  • Ongoing mentoring for 90 days

Additional franchisee support includes:

  • Ongoing Training and Dedicated Staff Support
  • Impactful Marketing and Presentation Materials

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