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From traditional voice and data services, to leading edge cloud based solutions, and our TEM Valubill, we have what your business needs to succeed.

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Giving You Unparalleled Partner Support

We support our partners' success during every step of the process. This includes personalized sales support with your dedicated sales professional to help you close your sales.

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Hosted PBX Service

Add enterprise-level calling features, improve reliability, and enable mobile users - while cutting your phone bills in half.

Hosted PBX makes your cloud-based phone service simple and affordable.

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Advanced Solutions
We deliver integrated communication solutions utilizing best of breed technologies. From traditional voice to advanced cloud based services.
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Expense Managment
AEON's TEM service Valubill allows you to fully oversee telecom inventory, contract and costs, allowing for better planning and system optimization.
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Conversion Experts
The key to success when converting to a VoIP-based network start with a clear understanding of the business case behind it. Learn More...
Franchise Opportunity
AEON’s IT franchise is a new way of servicing the growing communications needs of customers here in the United States and throughout the world. Are you looking for a business opportunity that is innovative, exciting, and unique?
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Communication solutions tailored to your business

AEON can improve all business communications, reduce costs and improve revenue opportunities

Who is AEON?

AEON combines over 6 decades of industry experience and provides complete business communication solutions for both new and existing companies who need a communications solution that fits their business needs.

Due to AEON's core proficiency in providing state of the art network and consulting services, we can provide highly available business platforms to our clients with ease. 

AEON Products

AEON can dramatically simplify and improve all business communications, reduce costs and improve revenue opportunities by integrating various forms of communications, such as voice, video, instant messaging, conferencing, and voicemail all into one easy to use and reliable product.

Maximize your company's productivity with a simple and affordable way to deliver, control, and manage your inbound and outbound communication sessions. With AEON your company will benefit from the integration of communication services with business applications and processes that are tested and secure.

AEON Solutions

AEON offers tremendous opportunity to improve enterprise efficiency, speed communications and decision making, streamline tasks, improve workflow, shorten project lifecycles, and improve customer interaction.
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About Us

Headquartered in Wallingford Connecticut, AEON Inc. is a privately held company that dramatically simplifies and improves all business communications, reduces costs and improves revenue opportunities by integrating various forms of communications, such as voice, video, collaboration, and conferencing all into one easy to use and reliable product.

Richard Minervino, Sr.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Minervino is the classic type A entrepreneur, up every morning at 5 AM and on to his exercise machines. He prefers to work holidays and he is more than energetic. He is a very insightful strategist who knows what his customers want.

Starting out over five decades ago in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Minervino had his start at Southern New England Telephone at the top of a manhole @ .85 per hour. He quickly moved through the ranks and became the top salesman. With a burning desire to become an entrepreneur, he borrowed $3,500 from the Telephone Credit Union and founded the first communications consulting practice in the world. He was the first ever in the industry. He traveled all over the world as a Telecommunications Consultant, servicing clients on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Mr. Minervino was then recruited by the world famous management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton to establish a communications consulting practice.

He was the first in other areas of business as well. He developed a microwave system across the Island of Puerto Rico circumventing the Puerto Rican Telephone Company before deregulation for Commonwealth Oil, Mitsubishi and Union Carbide. His client list reads like a who’s who of American business: IBM, Dean Witter, Duracell, A.T. Cross, Perrier Group, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, and others.

He is an innovator, developer, and owner of numerous copyrights and patents. He invented and developed call accounting and personally sold it to dozens of insurance companies starting with Phoenix Mutual, Aetna, Conn. Mutual and dozens of others. Also Wall Street firms, major ad agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Grey, J. Walter Thompson and others. Oil companies, Fortune 50, 100, 500 and 1000 firms including 86 IBM locations.

He served as a consultant to Leon Hess, Chairman of Amerada Hess, and designed the security facilities and communications facilities in all locations, including the refinery in St. Croix the Virgin Islands. He was also a Consultant to Harold Geneen, the Chairman of IT&T, for IT&T facilities in the Virgin Islands and Central America.

He developed billing and operating support systems for the wireless and long distance resale industries serving NexTel, Citizens Utilities, AT&T, Bell South and hundreds of others. He developed a university student billing system for Harvard University and 51 other colleges and universities.Mr. Minervino is the founder, owner, and CEO of all of the Minervino Companies. His companies have evolved over the years, offering a variety of services as detailed on this Web site. However, his philosophy has always remained the same, You can’t go wrong doing the right thing.

Joseph J Nader
EVP Sales and Marketing

As a veteran in the communications space, Joe brings to AEON over 30 years of industry experience. Mr. Nader is responsible for all sales initiatives and oversees the sales partner program. Prior to AEON, Joe has held various executive and sales management positions, including Executive Vice President of Sales for BTI Communications and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Cable & Wireless Communications. In addition, Joe held management positions with EarthLink Business, MCI and Sprint. Mr. Nader has a bachelor’s degree from Mercy College.

Eric Meyer
Chief Marketing Officer

Eric is a recognized marketing and advertising authority with a strong background in ROI-driven brand development, strategic planning, interactive, and web marketing. Producing advertising campaigns for the likes of AMC, MacDonald's, GlaxoSmithKline, and Warner Brothers. Eric is an innovative problem solver with excellent team management skills and an extensive knowledge of online/offline advertising, and database marketing for both start-ups and established businesses.

Eric can think technically, strategically and creatively to imagine how to apply new and emerging technologies way ahead of the curve. With development in digital signage, RFID, IPTV, and Web technologies Eric is transforming the future of advertising, training, and digital communications.Prior to joining the company, Eric worked for several of the world's leading advertising agencies such as Grey Advertising and Euro RSCG Worldwide. He is also a graduate of Full Sail University and a member of SMPTE.

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